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Streamline, Optimize, and Thrive with Clarity Sales CRM

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Streamline your sales process with Clarity Sales CRM. Eliminate spreadsheets, emails, and sticky notes.

Centralized data

Keep all sales information in one place, accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Automated workflows

Automate sales processes, saving time and effort. From lead scoring to deal tracking, let the system handle repetitive tasks.

Quick quotes

Generate professional quotes and proposals efficiently, closing deals faster.


Foster real-time collaboration with team members, sharing notes, files, and comments.

Real-time insights

Gain instant visibility into sales performance, identifying top-performing products, channels, and sales reps.


Seamlessly connect with your favourite tools, such as email marketing and social media platforms.

Benefits include

Embrace the Power of Clarity Sales CRM and Reap the Benefits

Increased Efficiency

Get rid of repetitive administrative tasks and focus on closing more deals instead of manual work.

Improved Performance

Optimize your sales strategy with real-time insights into your sales performance.

Streamlined Process

You can access all your sales data from anywhere, anytime, on any device with a streamlined sales process.

Better Collaboration

Share notes, files, and comments with your team in real-time, and ensure everyone is on the same page.

Professional Quotes

Create and send professional-looking quotes and proposals in minutes, closing more deals faster.

Scalable Solution

Clarity Sales CRM can meet the needs of any business, from solo entrepreneurs to established companies. It is customizable and scalable.

Seamless Integrations

The system integrates seamlessly with your favorite tools, making your sales process even more productive.

Responsive Support

Ensure your business runs smoothly with Clarity Sales CRM's responsive support.

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One Branch

1 Team, 5 Users

Unlimited Contacts

2 Gb Storage

Email Support

Web, Mobile App

Dashboard, Quick Quote

Calendar, Data Migration



Two Branch

4 Teams, 10 Users

Unlimited Contacts

5 Gb Storage

Chat Support

API - Standard

Web, Mobile App

Dashboard, Quick Quote

Calendar, Data Migration


On Request

On request, 100 users

Unlimited Branches

Unlimited Teams

Unlimited Contacts

Email Support

50 Gb Storage

Web, Mobile App

API - Customised

Dashboard, Quick Quote

Calendar, Data Migration

Email-Chat - Virtual Support